Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about PAWS?

PAWS Pet Litter is a composite fibre-mineral pellet litter developed to have enhanced properties unlike others on the market.  What makes it so different is the manufacturing process that creates a texture to optimise moisture absorption properties; this revolves around altering the physical way in which the pellets are formed in combination with addition of small amounts of additives that promote swelling upon becoming wet.
PAWS Pet Litter is an all natural but artificially made pet litter. It contains recycled paper fibres and a natural milled rock which is high in zeolite, that is a natural deodorizing mineral. It is made into a soft yet durable pellet which is porous and highly absorbent. It is biodegradable, compostable, flush-able and safe for all pets.

It has lavender…why is that?

Lavender is added to our most popular scented product for a few reasons; it is mildly antibacterial and antifungal, and it also adds a fresh natural scent enjoyed by many including cats (as it is part of the family of plants that includes catnip). Lavender is even a flea repellent as well!

How can I change to PAWS?

PAWS can be easily mixed with any other type of litter. To introduce and change to PAWS Pet Litter, simply combine PAWS in increasing amounts whilst reducing the amount used of litter to be replaced. Do this over a period of time that suits your pet – usually a week or two.

How absorbent is PAWS?

Rigorous testing shows PAWS to absorb over 200wt% of fluids which is higher than all locally available brands; paper litters are generally about 110-120%, zeolite litters 80-100%, sawdust litters 130-140%, crystal litters 125-135% and clay litters only about 100%.
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Why should I buy PAWS?

PAWS is more highly absorbent and soaks up odour better than the competition. It is lightweight to carry, yet not so light as to be tracked through the house. PAWS Pet Litter’s unique structure makes it semi-clumping, enabling easy removal of wet and solid waste for tray top up and replenishment. This means fewer complete tray clean ups, saving you time and making each bag last longer.

Darker patch clearly shows wet area; semi-clumping enables easy removal and top ups.

Disposal is easy as it is flushable and compostable, and it biodegrades in landfill unlike clay or crystal based litters. PAWS is also a better environmental choice because it is locally made largely from recycled materials.
We think these benefits makes PAWS the best litter on the market.
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Where is PAWS made?

PAWS Pet Litter is made in a stand alone facility south of Taradale in Napier New Zealand. It is a family owned business that prides itself on using
locally sourced ingredients, including a very high recycled content. The current manufacturing process is hands on and labour intensive, with each batch being crafted with maximum care and attention. PAWS is truly a Kiwi product.
For more details see our Making PAWS page here

Is PAWS antibacterial?

Yes, the mineral zeolite, in the presence of other metal ions is a powerful antibacterial agent. PAWS scented variety has the added antibacterial properties of lavender too.
Note: Always take care not to handle cat faeces as nothing knocks out toxoplasmosis – a parasitic infection caused by Toxoplasma Gondii that can be found in prey animals and garden soil. Cats can excrete oocysts in faeces if they are infected.

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Is PAWS flushable?

PAWS Pet Litter is made such that in large volumes of water, its bonding succumbs and the fibre and zeolite separate. Because both components are of fine grain-size it does not threaten the waste systems.

To learn more about why being water soluble and biodegradable is important to PAWS look on our Compare PAWS page

Is PAWS safe?

PAWS Pet Litter is safe for all pets, including kittens, convalescing, post surgery and sensitive animals and humans. It contains no toxic components and all ingredients are eco approved.
Other litters however can contain toxins; wood based litters contain oils like terpenes, crystal litters are toxic if ingested and their dust and vapour can contain fine silica particles that can cause lung inflammation in both animals and humans, and clay based litters can bind the gut if ingested. Dust in budget litters are a threat to kittens with problems with asthma.

How should PAWS be used?

PAWS Pet Litter is user-friendly; about 1-1.5 litres is enough for the average litter box and lasts at least 1 week probably 2 weeks. Since PAWS partially clumps, the urine causes the pellets to coagulate making them easy to remove by scoop. The urine seldom reaches the base of the tray and therefore does not stick to the tray. Faeces tend to be dehydrated by the litter and remain as solid rods easily removed. Replace the litter once all used and smell is noticeable.

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