PAWS Absorbency

This shows that PAWS Pet Litter is both the most absorbent and the lightest in our routine sample testing.

We carry out routine testing to maintain batch consistency of PAWS Pet Litter. To measure absorbency a 30 gram sample of litter is taken and flushed with 100 ml of water. After 2 minutes the sample is strained and any unabsorbed water left is recorded. This remaining liquid volume is subtracted from the initial 100 ml giving the amount absorbed by the litter, which is then multiplied by 3.33 to bring to a percent absorbency.

Specific gravity is also measured; this is essentially the weight of product per designated volume. The method used to measure density is to tare off a 100 ml measuring cylinder on sensitive scales and fill with litter to the 100 ml level. The resultant weight of the 100 ml sample is the specific gravity. The lower the weight the lighter the product is relative to its volume; this compares how heavy litters are for the same volume.

PAWS strives to keep our Pet Litter at the lowest weight whilst maintaining our very high absorbency rate.

lightweight and highly absorbent