Making PAWS

PAWS Pet litter is the product of years of development work researching the perfect blend of recycled fibres and volcanic mineral Zeolite to produce a light weight, odour controlling and highly absorbent pet litter.  The composite fibre-mineral pellet has enhanced properties unlike others on the market, revolving around the physical way in which the pellets are formed in combination with the small amounts of mixing ingredients designed to swell upon becoming wet.
Each and every time it is prepared PAWS Pet Litter is hand crafted and batch made; being quality checked throughout the production process to ensure everything is just right. This is rather hands on, but ensures careful control of production at every step.

PAWS Pet Litter begins its life as;

       local Hawkes Bay newspaper over runs

       Napier Paper Mill wood fibre byproduct

        zeolite mineral mined near Rotorua

        binding ingredients for the perfect texture

        natural NZ lavender oil in scented version

Raw materials of fibre sourced from paper mill off cuts and waste newsprint over runs are hand fed into a pounding machine to break it down to short fluffy fibres (photo above).  This is mixed with the paper mill fibres and dampened with water to create the pulp to which just the right amount of Zeolite coating and binding ingredients are added. The damp and well mixed material travels up an auger and is spread thinly to be gently fed into a pelletiser that pushes out the recognisable PAWS Pet Litter shapes through a multi-holed press.

The batches of formed PAWS Pet Litter are then carefully sifted to remove small particles and undersized pellets.  No part of the process is wasted, with the removed portion being used to make garden mulch.
The sieved pellets are still about 40% water, so they need to be spread out in thin layers on trays and oven dried for about 5 hours.
Once dry, these pellets are triple sifted to remove unwanted dust and any remaining undersized pellets.
Now ready for you to use, PAWS Pet Litter is hand bagged, with the most popular scented versions receiving a spritz of natural NZ lavender oil and at least one sprig of lavender included with each and every one.

New Zealand Made. Naturally.