“We use PAWS Pet Litter at our cattery; it’s the best litter we’ve ever used. It is light weight, very, very absorbent, low dust, and user friendly. PAWS Pet Litter is price competitive, and the service from order to delivery is very quick. We find cats are happy to use it, even if they don’t use litter at home.”

Debbie Neave
Pet 2 Us Kennels & Cattery

“I have been using PAWS Pet Litter, and it does smell nicer. It is a lot like the (alternative paper brand) you can buy from (the supermarket) which I use for the kittens I breed, but yours is softer. I think it is fabulous and can’t find anything wrong with it.”

Vicki-Marie Thompson
Cat Breeder, Napier

PAWS Pet Litter is the brand we use in store. Its our preferred brand to recommend as it ticks all the boxes. Its supporting local NZ Made Brand, its the BEST litter to work with in store especially with regard to odour, ease of cleaning and economy. Its Compostable, and Natural for the kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs & mice. Customer feedback is excellent as well.

Nick & Romanna
Happy Animalz, Taradale

“I found the product very good, especially with the natural Lavender smell which is similar to cat nip or is part of the same plant family.  The product is very light easy to handle especial when it is full of cat “business”, it does track a little, but it is to be expected and it is easy to clean up.  I notice as well the lack of cat urine smell which is lovely, and the natural Lavender smell is far better than the chemical scents which are found in the other products I have tried in the past.  It is not too dusty and my asthmatic cat responded well with it.”

Louise Nixon
Pussyfoot Cattery – Haumoana

“We have trialed PAWS Pet Litter product and are impressed.  It is easy to dispense and use, it’s light weight, compared to alternatives. It does not require a lining on the bottom of the litter tray, and goes a long way as solids and wet areas can be picked out or removed cleanly, without leaving spoilage in the remainder of the litter.  This enables it to be used without the need for total replacement. We found it odourless, and that cats are happy to use it”

John Dunn
When the Cat’s Away Cattery – Napier

“Thank you for the free gift included with the delivery; these are always appreciated by little Gracie (see pic; she is trying to play hide and seek!!).”
Tracey – Taupo

“Everything about buying this cat litter product was awesome! From the ease of ordering, to prompt delivery, lovely surprise to find a cat toy included through to using the product. Our cats love it, I love it. No more to say!”

JD – happy customer

“Two of the committee agree that it was the best product that they had used so far, it is brilliant, they both said. They found it so good (they’re) wanting to know about bulk buying. So all up I would say you are on to a winner.”

Sharon Jose
President,  Hamilton Breeders

Other feedback

“I liked the way it clumps when urinated in – makes it easy to clean up”

“Really liked the little bits of lavender”

“Think its a great idea that it can be used in the garden after”

“Very nice looking. Very light to lift.”

“It looked quite unusual and was very light. I’d happily use it again as there was little odour and the cat was not adverse to using it”

“Would be ideal for [Vet Clinic] day patients (because of ease of clean up and less chance of getting messy in short time frame)”

We welcome your feedback